Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Awoohoo, he made it!!!!!!!!!! Haven't actually heard from him since so feel entitled to make up the ending. Having made it all the way from Lands End to John O Groats armed with nothing but his bicycle (and some clothes, for decencies sake), he was abducted by a wild haggis clan who are holding him to ransom. Think / hope you can all guess whats coming next. In order to free him from their evil clutches you will have to make a donation at www.justgiving.com/gbendtoend07 . The alternative story could be he is having a well deserved break with Linda and Nancy, but I know which story I believe. Give money.

The last leg of the journey, and yes it is still raining.

This is the view at the top of the Cairngorms on the A6 on the way to Inverness. Now don't panic, he's not been eaten by a haggis or discovered the secret of invisibility, he's merely got off to take the picture. Think I'm beginning to get a bit obsessed with the haggis, do you think he will get the hint and bring me one back?
110 miles later at an average of 16 miles per hour, in the continuous rain, he's made it to Inverness, only another 130 miles to go, a walk in the park (if the park was 130 miles long obviously)

Speaks for itself really

doesn't it. For those of you who are a bit pants on the whole geography front, he's heading for Inverness.

Still in Scotland and still raining, but this time it's that fine rain, the rain that soaks through. However the wind was on his side (insert comments here), and he made it to Edinburgh in good time, then got lost and cycled up a big hill unnecessarily, as if cycling the length of two countries (yes surprisingly the Scottish consider themselves to live in a separate country) wasn't enough. Despite this (the detour, not Scotland being a separate country) he made it to Perth by 5pm.

Another day another bit of cycling. This time it took Alan (note there is just one left, but not to worry, Rick wasn't attacked by a haggis, he just gave up) along the famous Shap Pass (again his words, not entirely sure where he gets his definition of famous from), in the rain, (note also that now he is over the boarder it is raining).

After having a stop at home, the cycling continued, with a mammoth 157 miles covered in just 1 day. The down side to this is that they passed the boarder and are now prone to attack by the savage wee beastie that is the haggis.